Privacy Policy

Last updated 03 Jul 2016

How do we treat your information?

All the information you give us is between you and us and third parties have no access to it. Privacy law for your country is applied. We will not share your email address, subscriptions and other information you give us with any third party.

What information do we save?

Information you give us

When you sign up we ask you for your name, email and gender. If you sign up with a social network your gender is automatically given to us if you have shared it. Your gender is used to show and send you relevant Sales.

Your action data

We suggest Sales based on what you Follow, Watch and view. This also helps us tailor your personal regular Newsletter. This information is not shared with any third party and it's purpose is to only improve your experience and provide you with better services.


You can at any time disable History or delete a Sale from your Watches. To disable History go to your Account Settings under your Name and uncheck the history. To delete a Sale from your Watches go to your Watches and uncheck the binoculars.



Your connection to our Website usually uses Secure TLS connection. That means that your authentication and actions are privately between your browser and our server and no other person can sniff your information.

Your Password

Your Password is encrypted with High Encryption Standards and nobody knows it. We only save what's left after the encryption. Please choose a strong Password to ensure higher security of your Account.

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